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List of Experts

Lawyer / Doctor / Composer / PR Consultant / Physiotherapist / Horse Race Commentator / Graphic Designer / Secondary School Teacher / TV Writer / Engineer / DJ / Talent Agent / Real Estate Agent / Saxophonist / Cocktail Maker / Journalist / Relationship Counselor / Narcotics Anonymous Counselor / Barista / Family Court Judge / Tarot Reader / Creative New Zealand Advisor / Neuroscientist / Mother / Poet / Police Officer / Second Hand Dealer / Cleaner


The review project will be running in conjunction with The Town Centre’s season of work at The Basement in September 2014.

Each expert has produced a review of the show particular to their specialization.

They are published here in their complete form, without editing or condensing their words, in some cases images have been added.




The Town Centre, for their double-bill season of LIES and WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME? at The Basement in Auckland, invited a number of EXPERTS from various fields to examine one or both of the shows and provide feedback based on their knowledge.

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